Post Hurricane Dorian September 10, 2019


As clean up efforts continue following Hurricane Dorian, residents should be cautious while travelling as there are still downed power lines, trees or tree limbs on overhead wires, weakened branches overhead, and road closures due to washout.

Although power has been restored to the water treatment plant, a boil order is still in place until sufficient testing is completed to ensure the water is safe for human and domestic pet consumption.

For more information on road conditions Please refer to the following website for current road closures / road conditions map: 

To assist Oxford residents in the clean up of their properties, the Town of Oxford Transfer Station will be open on Wednesday, September 11, 2019 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm for brush and yard waste only. Regular hours and operations will be in place for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The majority of Oxford residents and businesses have had their power restored. For those who do not, Comfort stations that are open in the Cumberland Region are as follows:

Advocate Fire Hall 4176 Hwy 209 Advocate 0800-1600 Warm, charge, tea, coffee

Dilligent River Community Hall 10267 Hwy 209 Dilligent River 0900-1500 Warm, charge, tea, coffee

Springhill Community Center 6 Main St. Springhill, NS 0830-1630 Warm, chargeTidnish Comm Center 4358 NS-366, Tidnish 0900-1400 Warm, charge, tea, coffee

River Hebert Fire Dept. 1495 Hwy 242 0900-1400 Warm, charge, tea, coffee

Joggins Fire Hall 4 Hwy 242 Joggins 1000-1900 Warm, charge

Southampton Community Center 8845 hwy 2, Southampton 0900-1200 Warm, charge

Pugwash Fire Hall 11057 hwy 6, Pugwash 0900-1700 Warm, charge, coffee, tea, soup at lunch.

Wallace Community Hall 13922 rte 6, Wallace 1300-1600 Warm, charge 

For more updates and information, please monitor to Cumberland Regional EMO FaceBook page: