Financial Assistance for Canadians

Oxford Residents! Please share with your friends, neighbours and families. 

If you require financial assistance at this time, you can find benefits offered by the Canadian Federal Government below:

Dedicated EI Phone Line: 1-833-381-2725 Employment Insurance: How To Apply For EI:    Click Here.                  

Emergency Support Benefit: Have You Been Laid Off Or Your Hours Reduced? Click Here.

Emergency Insurance Sickness Benefit: No Paid Sick Leave, Are You Quarantined, Sick? Click Here.

Emergency Care Benefit: If You’re Unable To Claim EI But Are Sick Or Quarantined And/Or Are Taking Care Of Family Members: Click Here.

Need Mortgage Help? Mortgage Support For Canadians: Click Here.

Child Care Benefits: Increased Child Care Benefit Information: Click Here.

Student Loan Deferrals: How Can I Defer My Student Loans? Click Here.

Tax Deadline: Filing Deadline Pushed Back Until June 1st: Click Here.

Support For Seniors: Reduced Minimum Withdrawals For Registered Retirement Income Funds: Click Here.