Oxford Town Council

TitleNameBoards and CommitteesE-mail
Councillor Wade Adshade CJSMA, Trans Canada Trail, Community Economic Development, Arena Email Wade
Councillor Rick Draper Community Economic Development, Personnel, Workplace Wellness, YMCA, Audit Email Rick
Deputy Mayor Tom Kay CJSMA, Northern Region Solid Waste Management, Arena, Police Advisory Board, Personnel, Audit Email Tom
Councillor Brenton Colborne  REMO, L.A. Animal Shelter, Personnel, Arena, Library Board, MAP Email Brenton
Councillor Dave Clark Audit, Arena Email Dave
Councillor Dawn Thompson Resettlement, Communities in Bloom, Police Advisory Board, Recreation and Events, Personnel, Volunter Recognition Email Dawn
Mayor Trish Stewart Habitat for Humanity, Community Economic Development, Recreation and Events, Communities in Bloom Email Trish

To contact any of the town councillors, please use their e-mail address.