Oxford Town Council

TitleNameBoards and CommitteesE-mail
Deputy Mayor Wade Adshade Cumberland Joint Services Management Authority (CJSMA), Police Advisory Board, Regional Emergency Measures Organization Advisory Committee (REMO), and Cumberland Forestry Advisory Committee Email Wade
Councillor Carla Black Cumberland Health Authority, Cumberland Regional Library Board, Municipal Alcohol Program Board (MAP), and Audit Committee Email Carla
Councillor Brenton Colborne Northern Region Solid Waste Management Committee, Police Advisory Board, and Regional Emergency Measures Organization Advisory Committee (REMO) Email Brenton
Mayor Gregory Henley Personnel Committee and Physician Recruitment Committee Email Gregory
Councillor Paul Jones Personnel Committee, Arena Fundraising Committee and Audit Committee Email Paul
Councillor Chrystal McNutt  Audit Committee Email Chrystal
Councillor Arnold MacDonald   Email Arnold

To contact the members of the Oxford Town Council, please use their e-mail address.