Capitol Theatre

Capitol TheatreOnce a movie theatre, the restored Art Deco Style Capitol Theatre now hosts toe-tapping Friday evening jam sessions as well as Blue Grass concerts organized by the Main Street Music Society. There is a total of 163 seats in the main hall and because of its small size, the theatre has a cozy feeling and excellent acoustics.


The Capitol Theatre began in 1903 on the top floor of what was locally known as the A.E. Smith building, as an Opera House provided by the late Mr. Smith. During the period of 1908 to 1910, Smith's Hall became known as the "Nicklet" because of the advent of the movies which were shown there on Friday and Saturday evenings by Mr. W.E. Vickery for admission of a nickel. From 1910 to 1912, Mr. Smith operated the moving pictures himself and the place became known as the "Fairyland Theatre". About this time, Mr. Smith purchased the site of the former Henry Smith property on Main Street and in 1923 the present Capitol Theatre was built.

Around 1948, L.S. Asbell remodelled the building and in 1952 Bob Fulton acquired the structure. Over the years the theatre changed hands four more times until it was passed over to the Town of Oxford (now the present owner and operator) as a bicentennial gift from George Henley in 1991. During the time Mr. Henley owned the theatre, the Maple Players Theatre Group became custodians in agreement for free use of the facility. Since then the Capitol Theatre has been unofficially known as The Home of the Maple Players.

The Capitol Theatre is built in the Art Deco style remaining now as it was originally with a few modifications. The building is made from cement block (formed to resemble stone) and the interior is sheathed in pressed-tin tiles. It has a raked floor and fixed, folding seats. There is a total of 163 seats in the main hall, some of which are formed plywood, some padded, and others made from slats. Because of its small size, the theatre has a cozy feeling and excellent acoustics. Over the years, improvements have been made by the various owners, plus the Maple Players Theatre Group, the Town of Oxford and other organizations. The most recent renovations in 2006 include upgrading the bathrooms, lobby area, and installation of a digital movie projector and screen.

Renting or Booking the Theatre

The Capitol Theatre is available to theatrical and other entertainment groups, both amateur and professional, to come experience the subtle grandeur of this charming venue. If you are interested in renting the Capitol Theatre contact Eleanor Crowley at (902) 447-3040.


  • Seating: 163 fixed folding seats
  • Stage: 26' wide; 18' deep (back to front) with an attachable 4' extension available
  • Dressing Rooms: Located below the stage
  • Wiring: 200 Amps

Contact Information

5220 Main Street
P.O. Box 422
Oxford, NS
B0M 1P0

Phone (902) 447-3040 - For Bookings and Availability